HUM Hall

On Thursday, May 25, Jim Ringler, Merle Edgell and Vern Kraft met with the area engineer and our insurance adjuster to inspect the roof in HUM Hall.  The engineer will write a report and will share with Church Mutual Insurance and the repairs will go from there.  We are hoping and praying that our insurance will cover the repairs with us picking up any deductible. 

We are sorry for the inconvenience this situation has caused everyone at Hopkins UMC. We ask for your prayers and patience as the Trustees and the Administrative Board seek ways to accommodate every family and fix the problem.  

Meanwhile, until the hall is fixed, we’ll use the basement of the church for fellowship time and meetings.  The food pantry is now operating in Bud’s Barn and is running well.

We are happy to announce that the sanctuary of Hopkins UMC is now fully air-conditioned, a gift from the saints of Hopkins UMC!  We look forward to summer as we worship in the building without moving back and forth to HUM Hall.  Did you realize that God was ahead of us when He laid the burden on the hearts of the saints of Hopkins UMC to install the air conditioning? Now that we are not able to use HUM Hall, we can enjoy the coolness in our sanctuary. Let’s give God the glory! 

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