Summer Worship Schedule

Plan A (good weather)
10am – Worship at Common Ground
6:30pm – Online Fellowship (Zoom)
7pm – Zoom Worship

Plan B (bad weather)
10am – Zoom Worship for everyone
After service – Fellowship time

Upcoming Book Study for All!

“Finding Peace in an Anxious World” uses the book of Proverbs and “The Serenity Prayer” as a guide to help Christians find their way through anxiety, worry, and fear and move towards God’s peace that surpasses all understanding. 

The book is written by Urban Village Church, Chicago, based on a four-part sermon series they did on “The Serenity Prayer” in 2015. It was through that  series that the church was able to address the tumultuous events of that summer and present a framework for how to approach a God who desires peace for the hearts of God’s people in times of anxiety. 

The four chapters, each written by a different UVC leader, focus on different aspects of the prayer—serenity, acceptance, courage, and wisdom—and each concludes with a spiritual practice to help further develop the featured characteristic in your life so that we can be rooted in God and energized to live fully as Disciples of Christ. 

Start Date: Week of Sept 13th, 5 sessions including orientation
Book Cost: $11 paper copy, $5.95 kindle 

Sign-up here if you are interested!

  • How would you participate? 
    • In-person: meeting outside like at Common Ground
    • Online: Facebook discussion group during the week, 30 min Zoom meeting 
    • Or either is fine! 
  • Do you want a paper copy of the book? 
    • Either to join the study or to do it alone.