Worship Update: In-Person Gatherings cancelled, worshiping virtually

Due to rising numbers and risk levels in Allegan county and the whole state, along with a few active cases within our church family (no known direct contact at church), the Ad Board has decided that it is time, again, to put a pause on gathering in-person and have closed our buildings to all activities except the Food Pantry until further notice. As such, we are back to virtual worship as of Sunday, November 1. Zoom connection information below!

For all of us, this is disappointing and sad news. Those last weeks in person felt so familiar and joyous with so many present and getting to have some fun together. This is quite the drastic shift. For many, this is likely not too surprising news as the rising cases and risks have been rising rapidly lately. No matter if you agree with this decision or not, this is still saddening news and something we grieve together. 

I know that zoom service can feel not as worshipful as our full services in person. I hope that we can give zoom a second chance and enjoy hearing each others’ voices and seeing some of our faces, if nothing else. As we settle back into online worship, I plan to work on ways to keep us connected to God, each other, and our sacred space. Our sanctuary is important to our faith, but the best part of our faith is that we believe that God is not only present in those walls. God can be found in the least expected places and within each of us. For now, that is going to have to be outside of our church building for the health and safety of our church family. I am thankful that we have ways to continue to connect in ways that keep us the most safe, both over zoom worship and as we connect one-on-one throughout the week over the phone or social media. 

I pray that we will feel the movement of the Spirit amongst us even though we will be spread farther apart than usual. May we continue to use our worship muscles and feel God’s presence in new ways. I pray that God will help us to create sacred space wherever we are when we need to connect to God.

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