Weekly Lenten Devotional

This Lenten Devotional was inspired and based on the children’s book, “Images of God for Young Children” by Marie-Helene Delval and illustrated by Barbara Nascimbeni. The book is described as: “It is impossible to know what God looks like. But the Bible describes many other ways that God is revealed to us. God is joy and wisdom. God is light, and bread, and breath. We have seen God’s face in Jesus Christ. This book uses simple language to help young children discover these images of God in their world.”
Though the book is written for young children, I read it and realized how good of a reminder these images are for all ages, especially during Lent, a time focused on our relationship with God. A great way to connect with God is to start seeing God more in all that is around us. It is an important reminder that God is not an old man sitting in the clouds, but is part of all creation and works in and among us to bring about good and righteousness in the world.
~Pastor Kelsey

Below you will find the set of devotions for each week of Lent.

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