Summer Worship Schedule


May 23 – Sept 5
~Sunday worship at Common Ground at 10am, HUMC & SMUMC together
~Rain location: Hopkins UMC at 10am
Will text/email/post on Facebook if there is a rain call. Also, look for a sign at the Common Ground entrance.

Starting June 9
~Wednesday evening worship 6:30pm at Hopkins UMC & Zoom
Childcare available in the church basement


Sunday Worship
On Pentecost, May 23, we will officially start our Summer Worship Schedule: 10am at Common Ground, together with both churches. Bring your chairs and we will spread out around the yard and join together in a more casual worship setting.

Children & Families: We will be putting a pause on Sunday School during the Summer. Instead, we will have a large tent set up near the pavilion, watched by an adult, that the kids can hang out in during the service and be kept in one spot. There will be some toys available, but feel free to bring some of your own from home.

COVID Guidelines: While outside we can safely ease up a bit on COVID restrictions. Here are the basics while outside:
1. Wear a mask while walking around/mingling.
2. You may remove your mask while at your seats.
3. We will be singing again! Yay! (Put on a mask if it makes you nervous)
4. Maintain social distancing guidelines
5. Bring your own chair
6. Up for change depending on Michigan Mandates.

Wednesday Evening
We’re trying a new thing!! A lot of people spend weekends away from home during summer months, so it is the perfect time to add a mid-week worship option.

Starting the Wednesday after school is out, June 9th, we will come together on Wednesday Evenings for a more casual worship service in the Hopkins UMC sanctuary at 6:30pm. The service will focus around the same scripture, sermon, and prayers as Sunday morning, but will bring in some different music options. We also expect that the service will be a bit shorter than Sunday morning. For those who are unable to worship in person, we will share this service live over Zoom.
Childcare will be provided in the basement of the church.
This is a great option to invite people, outside of our church family, to try out! Let’s spread the word!

COVID Guidelines: While inside the building we will be continuing our previously held guidelines for indoor worship.
1. Mask up at all times while inside.
2. Social Distance while mingling and sitting in the pews (respect closed off pews).
3. All windows will be open.
4. Childcare will be available in the basement of the church, the same guidelines apply to the children.
5. Mingle outside as much as possible.

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